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Lie Detector Service using the latest Polygraph Lie Detection equipment.

Polygraph testing. The polygraph has been successfully used as an effective tool for verifying truthfulness and lie detection for many years.

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Polygraph testing. The polygraph has been successfully used as an effective tool for verifying truthfulness and lie detection for many years.

Bruce Burgess is a polygraph examiner offering polygraph tests using a polygraph lie detection instrument based in Surrey, UK

Polygraph Lie Detector Tests UK

Polygraph examiners. make sure your examiner is experienced, qualified, confidential and professional.

Polygraph ( Lie detector ) Expert.

When it comes to the field of polygraph testing in the UK I am pleased to be able to offer a reliable, professional and accurate lie detection service from my office in Leatherhead Surrey.

I am also able to arrange polygraph tests, which are commonly referred to as lie detector tests across the UK at your location.


Polygraph Lie Detector Tests

The Lie detector can test issues such as relationship infidelity, theft, confirmation of innocence, fraud, sexual abuse, employee honesty, pre employment vetting and statement verification.

I am a professionally trained examiner
with over 10 years unique experience in polygraph testing within the UK.

The polygraph lie detector works by tracing changes in a person's physiological conditioning during questioning. These changes are recorded directly on to the polygraph charts in order that they can be reviewed.Polygraph Lie Detector Testing

My experience and professional training has helped many people uncover the truth in their personal relationships and business dealings. My services include but are not limited to:

  • Infidelity Testing -
    Accurate lie detector testing to cover allegations of unfaithfulness. We can offer an independent and unbiased service to aid you in uncovering the truth.

  • Sexual Abuse -
    Following dedicated polygraph training in the testing of post convicted sex offenders I posses the qualifications to handle your situation reliably and sensitively.

  • Theft -
    If you suspect someone of theft, whether in the home or at work I can help uncover the truth. Likewise if you have been accused of theft I can provide an objective solution by testing your honesty on this issue using the latest polygraph lie detection equipment.

  • Confirmation of Innocence-
    During my years of experience I have helped prove many individuals innocent of the allegations against them. We can help you by testing your honesty in the only way possible; remember my advice is always free.

I use the latest computerised polygraph lie detector equipment and techniques to ensure the highest accuracy rates.

If you would like to talk about your situation please call me, Bruce Burgess, on 01372 842 170
I am always happy to talk in confidence and my advice is always free.